Software Engineer & Mechanical Engineering Graduate

based in Sydney, Australia

I am a software engineer who loves to ideate, validate, test, build and launch products. Iā€™m always looking to learn, work on cool projects and have interesting conversations.

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About me


<aside> šŸ‘‹šŸ¾ Almost two years of diverse experience which includes working in large tech companies/unicorns and start-up experience. Completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) and Bachelor of Science on a full scholarship at the University of Sydney.

Launched SaaS software start-ups while studying at university together with a team of two other excellent engineers (who continued on to work at Immutable and Cover Genius), which provided invaluable learning and experience. After a year of giving it everything we had, the company had to be closed and now I am working as a software engineer.

Always product-focused and looking to expand understanding into complex problems using first-principles-based thinking. Collaborated in agile engineering scrum teams at several major companies such as Honeywell and Certik (unicorn). Founded and deployed several projects during off-time. Continuously learning and developing to understand software architecture at a fundamental level using first-principles thinking.


Commcerical Experiences

Non Commerical Experiences And Side Projects

What I Do

šŸ’» Software Engineering

Work on agile teams to build production grade code. Passionate about Full Stack software development.

šŸ§­ Product Strategy

Identify markets and customers to search for product market fit

šŸš€ MVPs and Startup/Business Experience

Spent and year and half building mvps and testing products to start a software business.

šŸ”Ž Customer Discovery and Sales

Spent numerous hours interviewing customers and also cold calling to sell our product. This provided valuable insight into customer discovery.

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